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Telox Medical Supplies: Providing Innovative Medical Solutions Across South Africa and SADC Countries

Telox Medical Supplies has established itself as a leading provider of medical devices and consumables to healthcare facilities across South Africa and SADC countries.

With a distribution network spanning major cities and rural areas, Telox Medical Supplies aims to make the latest medical technologies accessible to both large hospitals and small clinics.

Surgical Products for Minimal Invasive Procedures 

The past few decades have seen a rise in adoption of minimally invasive surgeries over open surgeries. Telox Medical Supplies provides hospitals and clinics with surgical products like single-use linear and circular staplers, trocars, retrieval bags, and more to enable laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures. These devices help reduce patient trauma, lower risk of infection, and improve recovery time.

Telox Medical Supplies also offers wound closure products like sutures and surgical sealants that improve healing. The wide range of polymer and titanium ligating clips cater to different types of procedures and tissues. Hernia repair meshes from trusted brands provide tension-free repair and optimal patient comfort.


Specialized Products for Interventional Radiology 

Image-guided minimally invasive procedures are transforming patient care. Telox Medical Supplies provides specialty products for biopsy, drainage, tumor ablation, embolization, and more to facilitate interventional radiology. 

The biopsy portfolio includes needles and devices for different applications – soft tissue, bone, breast, spinal, and bone marrow biopsies. Drainage catheters with enhanced steerability provide efficient drainage of fluids in conditions like kidney failure or liver cirrhosis.

Telox Medical Supplies also supplies inferior vena cava filters to prevent pulmonary embolism in high-risk patients. Their range of vascular snares help remove foreign objects from blood vessels. Hemostasis pads provide easy bleeding control at catheter access sites.


Enabling Quality Care in Cardiology and Women’s Health

From guidewires and introducers to arterial access needles, Telox Medical Supplies provides cardiologists with sterile disposables to enable vascular procedures. The rotational thrombectomy systems remove blood clots quickly in acute conditions like heart attacks.

In OB-GYN, the hysterosalpingography product range helps evaluate uterine abnormalities and fallopian tube blockages causing infertility. The company also provides devices for surgical interventions on the prostate gland. 


Committed Partnership and Localized Support 

Besides premier products, Telox Medical Supplies also prides itself on personalized customer service and technical support. Their team works closely with healthcare facilities to understand specific needs and provide tailored solutions. The company handles logistics and cold chain transportation to ensure timely delivery across geographies.

As a proudly B-BBEE partner, Telox Medical Supplies aims to empower local communities by creating employment and upskilling talent. The company strives to expand access to quality healthcare by supplying advanced medical technologies even in remote areas.


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