Wednesday, 19 June 2024

"Cabanga Magazine, June 2024, Vol 05, Issue 01," has a focus on the theme "INCOGNITO 5.0: Growing Undetected in South Africa." It highlights the strategic and covert growth of businesses and entrepreneurs in South Africa over the past five years. 

The issue includes various articles and profiles on topics such as the role of Cabanga Magazine in the growth of Cabanga Media Group, the birth of Hamaswi Press, and notable achievements of contributors and businesses within the group. It also covers topics related to strategic consulting, e-commerce, digital marketing, and personal and professional development. 

The overarching narrative celebrates the disciplined and strategic efforts that have led to significant growth and success, often achieved under the radar.

In the June 2024 issue of Cabanga Magazine, the companies and brands mentioned include  Cabanga Media Group, Hamaswi Press, Cabanga Hosts, Wandrea Africa, Kupa Creative Group, Group, Nsombik Group, Aninathi Brand, Telox Medical Supplies, NRB Accounting, Evertol Associates, GetAPlan.Africa, Naspers, Takealot, Gwala Group Holdings, Africa Facade Access, Genesis Pharmaceuticals, Setbooks Accounting Solutions, The Promoter Local Community Newspapers, The Limpopo Journal, The Gauteng Journal, The Zambezi Journal, Starbucks, BNI, Rotary Club, Power Thought Consulting, and the International Coaching and Mentoring Foundation.

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