Tuesday, 16 August 2022

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Sandton Angles: The Wealthiest Square Mile in Africa, in Pictures

Sandton, dubbed as the wealthiest square mile in Africa, is a different world from many African cities, and if you pay close attention, you can capture the detail that went in and still goes into making it work - the infrastructure. In several spontaneous shots, Oscar Habeenzu, a coffee tourist, captured the beauty and elegance of Sandton buildings, at an angle, of the wealthiest square mile in Africa.

"As you invest or even holiday in South Africa, start by just doing a drive or a walk around Sandton. It is refreshing and eye-opening. Enjoy the shots that caught my attention", wrote Oscar Habeenzu to Cabanga Media Group, the publisher of his photographic series.

"Stopping for a moment to appreaciate the simple things of life in a fast paced Sandton business district often helps imaginations and thought processes, creating solutions for the day to day challenges of business in a complex and exciting South African economy. There is much potential for the country and continent, but only for those that can pause, look at things from a different angle, then re-engage, for profit and posterity. That is the basis of this themed collection, Sandton Angles. A few shots of Americano daily, my Canon, I took thought walks in a space of 30 to 50 days, and short many angles that caught my attention at specific moments of the day - morning, afternoon, sunset, just to captivate the beauty of Sandton buildings". continued Oscar Habeenzu, as he shed light on what inspired him to start this photographic series.

Oscar Habeenzu is an African polymath in a Digital Age, with working experience in multiple African markets, since 1999, a published author and economic commentator for business media in South Africa and East African Community. His work is available online, and on his numerous digital marketing clients' websites and social media channels.


Theme: Sandton Angles | Location: Sandton, Johannesburg | Photographer: Oscar Habeenzu | Camera: Canon SX410 IS


Angle #01: Citi Bank South Africa

Citi Group


Angle #02: Garden Court Hotel

Garden Court Hotel

Angle #03: Bowmans


Angle #04: The Forum

The Forum

Angle #05: The Intercontinental

The Intercontinental

Angle #06: Michelangelo Hotel

Angle #07: 155 West Street


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