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Franck Obambi Ngatse: Spearheading B2B E-Commerce in Africa

Franck Obambi Ngatse, CEO and Founder of Zandaux.com, stands as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of business, embodying the intersection of innovation and entrepreneurship. In an era that demands adaptability, Ngatse's journey unfolds as a narrative of resilience, dedication, and transformative vision for African trade.

A Multicultural Maestro

Franck's story commenced far before the bustling streets of Nairobi, Kenya. With roots in the Congo and academic milestones in the UK and the Netherlands, he is a testament to a multicultural upbringing. His multilingual abilities, speaking Dutch, English, French, and other languages, provide him an unparalleled edge in the intricate web of global commerce.

Education: Building Blocks to a Vision

Franck's pursuit of knowledge spanned across continents, imbibing the ethos of economics, business management, entrepreneurship, and finance. The combined insights from his varied academic pursuits furnished him with a profound understanding of trade's centrality in wealth generation, as he mentioned, "In economics... trade is at the center of breathing wealth and if you want to be wealthy you need to trade."

Trials, Tribulations, and Tenacity

Starting as a humble entrepreneur serving the African immigrant community in the Netherlands with a green cleaning business, Franck's entrepreneurial spirit eventually birthed Zandaux.com in 2020. He elucidated on his motivation, noting the desperation of the economic situation back home and the pursuit of a life he couldn't access there.

After initial trials in Europe and facing challenges in building the platform, Franck displayed profound adaptability. Heeding the feedback from a Rwandan pilot, he chose Kenya as the launchpad for his revamped vision in 2021-2022. Xando pivoted, transitioning from connecting Africa to global markets to fortifying trade within Africa first.

His trials, including raising funds and multiple prototypes, underscore his unwavering commitment. He took risks, left his job, and even funded Zandaux's relaunch through a trading business, reflecting his inventiveness.

Zandaux.com: Revolutionizing Intra-Africa Trade

By March 2022, Nairobi became the birthplace of Zandaux's new avatar. Different from major e-commerce players, Zandaux targets B2B, aiding businesses in listing products and getting discovered by African buyers. Franck passionately described their unique model, “Our model is designed to provide businesses with an interface in which they can list their products and have access to a larger market which they would not have otherwise reached”. 

A Vision Beyond Borders

Franck's determination is driven by a grand vision: to uplift Africa from poverty by leveraging trade and economic advancement. He reiterates, "In Africa, people deserve also to have a better life just like anyone else in the world."

His strategies have always been rooted in on-the-ground market validation, whether it be in Europe, India, China, or Africa. He explained his approach, discussing how he would invite European companies to a platform connecting them directly to the African market.

A Lighthouse of Entrepreneurial Spirit

Franck Obambi Ngatse is not merely a successful entrepreneur; he embodies the spirit of perseverance, adaptability, and vision. As he continues to elevate intra-Africa trade via Zandaux.com, his journey serves as a potent reminder of the transformative power of education, steadfast commitment, and genuine intent. In a world constantly in flux, visionaries like Franck are pivotal, lighting the way for others with their indomitable spirit and purpose.

Zandaux.com stands as a testament to Franck's vision and resilience. More than a business venture, it represents hope for millions and showcases the true essence of success – making a lasting positive impact on society. Through his endeavours, Franck has not only elevated himself but has lifted countless others, echoing the sentiment that success, at its core, is about uplifting and empowering the community around you."

Source: Zandaux.com


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